High-Quality Dog Food

Beneful Produces High Quality Dog

Food I never thought that I would change the dog food brand that my pets were eating, but I have been very impressed by what Beneful has been able to do. It is a brand that has transitioned into one of the most successful pet food companies. I have given my dogs the dog treats and the wet pet meals and they seem to love it. The Baked Delights are awesome for dogs because it builds up the teeth structure for pets. I have a Great Dame, and he seems to love the chicken and wild rice flavor from

Inspiring People

Leaving North Korea: Yeonmi Park’s Story

“Another Holocaust is happening,” Yeonmi Park told The DailyMail. “This country is a joke. Kim Jong-Un’s haircut, his weight. People laugh. But there is a Holocaust happening right here and the West thinks this is a joke.” Yeonmi was just thirteen years old when her family defected from North Korea. Her family fell into poverty after her father’s arrest. Faced with death and starvation, Yeonmi’s mother took the family’s savings and enlisted the aid of smugglers. The plan was for Yeonmi Park to cross into China, along with her mother and older sister Eunmi, and eventually, head to South

Real Estate Market

Continued Growth for NY Real Estate Looks Favorable For The Buyers

Virtual-Strategy magazine recent posted TOWN Residential’s Analysis of Manhattan’s Real Estate Market and it looks like there is solid growth in all sectors. This continues to be the trend despite other area feeling a sales lag. Because of the year to year growth, the Manhattan should be affected negatively. At the end of 2015, Price Per Square Foot (PPSF) continues a record upward trend that shows with the median trend at 6.2% higher that last year and overall average PPSF up 8.4%. These are sold numbers that shouldn’t see much of a decrease. The NYC luxury real estate sector

Business News

The Growth of the CCMP Capital with the Help of Stephen Murray

CCMP Capital is an equity investment firm based in New York. The company was founded by Stephen Murray and continues to grow in its size year after year. In fact, Stephen  Murray CCMP Capital is one of the top investment firms known in the country at the current moment. This makes it a prime choice for most people who are looking to make wise investments with the help of a professional who is simply looking out for their very best interest. You will find that working with a pro will help you to avoid the problems that come with

Pet-Food Sales

There is a Growing Market for Designer Pet Food

Pet owners will tell you they love their cat or dog the same as any other family member. As a result pet owners want their dog or cat to eat healthy. They do not want their pets to eat unhealthy and end up with medical problems. This has led to companies to create healthy versions of cat and dog food. Gourmet dog and cat food is now in vogue. Pet owners want to ensure their pet has high quality, tasty healthy food. They no longer settle for the dry dog food of days gone by. Today’s dog and cat

Equity Investment

CCMP Capital CEO Stephen Murray: A Journey Too Short

New York has many competitive investment firms. CCMP Capital, formerly JP Morgan Partners is among the strongest investment market performers. It’s a JPMorgan Chase trademark, which began trading back in 1984. Stephen Murray, the firm’s former president and CEO restructured the enterprise with partners and renamed it to CCMP Capital Advisors, LLC in 2006. This reputable private equity manager has a particular interest in expansion capital transactions and buyouts. Its secret lies in its formidable management teams and business alliance with the strongest industry partners. CCMP Capital has an interest in industries ranging from financial services, retail, telecom, healthcare