Team Ownership Issues

Bruce Levenson Led Atlanta Hawks LLC Sues NHIC

The New Hampshire Insurance Company has been sued by the Atlanta Hawks Baseball and Entertainment LLC for contract breach. They have sued them based on the bad insurance faith and breach of contract on the 13th of September at the Superior Court of Fulton County. The $18 million, six-year contract which started in 2012 came to an end on the 22nd of June, 2015 when the owners Hawk and Ferry reached an undisclosed buyout agreement. The Ressler-led group bought the franchise, which was approved after two days. The amount claimed was, however, confidential, according to court documents. The AHBE’s

Law / Ricardo Tosto

Getting the Best Lawyers in Brazil: Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Lawyers play a significant role in the society. Without good lawyers, life would be very miserable for many individuals seeking legal assistance in Brazil today. Brazilian lawyers understand this fact and endeavor to offer the best services at all times. The Brazilian legal system also ensures only the best legal minds serve the public. The Federal Constitution, which came into effect in 1988, controls this system. The country’s legal system consists of specialized courts and ordinary courts. The former group of courts is made up of Electoral Courts, Military Courts, and Labor Courts. The Superior Court of Justice as

Innovation / Lighting

Gooee Smart Lighting: Smart for Your Look, Smart for Your Wallet

Innovative ideas come to light (quite literally) through new-fangled lighting control, sensing, and design systems. Backed with a growing IP portfolio of over 20 patents, Gooee Smart Lighting covers everything from networking to data analytics. The gears are forever turning at Gooee, providing high-quality ideas with equally high-quality executions. This dependable excellence and engineering makes for a wide variety of bright, bold options. One such option offered is Gooee Smart Lighting in regards to LED’s. LED lighting has grown rapidly in popularity, and for good reason- it is no longer as costly as was in previous years, and is

Women in Business

The Malini Saba That Everyone Should Know

Malini Saba is a powerful woman. I have followed her career, and I think that she is someone that everyone should draw inspiration from. She is making millions in the financial industry, but there was a time when she barely had any money at all. This is what I look to for motivation. Anytime that anyone sees a millionaire they may assume that they had big breaks that others did not have. People may assume that millionaires had things handed to them and that it was rather easy to make it to the top.   Malini Saba is not

Business News

Kate Hudson Knows Her Fashion

When it comes to fashion, there are very few, if any, that can compete with Kate Hudson. She knows fashion with the best of them and loves to share that love of fashion with her diehard fans. Kate Hudson is the kind of celebrity that someone would feel comfortable approaching in public without any hesitation on Wikipedia. She seems like the kind of individual that knows how to have fun, enjoys herself, and lives every day to the fullest. It shows in her personality, which always shines through every time someone sees her on television or talking about her

Online Reviews

Managing Your Online Reputation

If you own a business, you understand that online reputation management is a critical aspect your functioning business. When someone is looking for your company, do you know what they are going to see? One bad review from a dissatisfied client and who knows how many more might have been lost. According to PC Magazine in their recent article on ORM, more than 95 percent of business hire a PR specialist or ORM service provider after a reputation crisis has already occurred. Unfortunately, a reputation is like a vase; once it has been dropped, it’s extremely difficult to put

Business News

Dick DeVos: Like Father Like Son

Dick DeVos was born 0n October 21, 1955 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. DeVos is a proud graduate of Northwood University, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He has also received much alumni recognition from the university. After DeVos’ For Dick DeVos the apple definitely doesn’t fall far from the tree. He is the son of businessman Richard DeVos, who is the owner of my favorite basketball team, the Orlando Magic. No doubt young DeVos looked up to his father growing up. Something I can really relate to. DeVos has held various positions while working in the


Making Artificial Curls Last With Wen by Chaz

Some women are blessed with naturally curly hair. They have naturally textured hair filled with moisturized, bouncy curls that give every style a unique and beautiful look. Other women are not as fortunate, and curls must me mechanically added to the hair. Artificial curls can be beautiful and flowing, but are often difficult to maintain over an extended period of time. For those who wish to create a curly look and maintain it over an extended period of time, adding a quality product like the Wen hair care system [see,] to the hair care regimen can successfully extend

Helping Ukraine

The Soros Argument for Large-Scale Debt Relief in the Ukraine

In a piece posted in The New York Review of Books back in 2014, George Soros outlined some ways to help Ukraine and its ongoing debt crisis at the time. Soros argued that Ukraine needed debt relief on a larger scale than just receiving financial assistance from the International Monetary Fund. One of the key factors is debt relief for Ukraine would provide stimulus to economies of the countries in the Eurozone by introducing investments and much-needed exports to Ukraine. Soros’ concern at the time was the European community was either unaware of the dire situation or simply did

Financial Advice

The Convenient Davos CAP Calculator

Davos Real Estate Group is absolutely delighted to launch the brand new “Davos CAP Calculator.” It’s an exciting mobile application. The contemporary tool was created to give investors reliable assistance with their United States real estate purchases. Davos Real Estate Group is part of the Davos Financial Group. The firm strives to give people strong choices that apply to the business real estate realm. Davos Real Estate Group works hard to provide people with options that can help them go above and beyond to accommodate all of their customers’ financial wishes. Davos Real Estate Group is made up of